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Not all special events are created equal.
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We help organizations add value to their brands by associating them with events, causes and promotions that generate positive actions and engender goodwill in their communities.

An event to call your own

We encourage our clients to develop charitable events that they can call their own and that are consistent with their brands and missions.

With this approach, we have helped Rutter’s Farm Stores encourage voter registration; St. Joseph Health Ministries promote the importance of children’s oral health to new mothers; and Royer’s Flowers & Gifts collect children’s books for public libraries and non-perishable items for food banks.

Giving back is good business

There’s great value in a company giving back to its community, beyond the cause at the receiving end of such charity. It can be a terrific source of pride among employees, who can get involved and become a part of something bigger than themselves.

Companies that contribute to worthwhile causes earn the respect of their employees and their communities. This makes their brands more visible and more valuable, which in turn makes others want to associate with them.

There’s no better way to tell your story than through earned media, which is why we build a media relations strategy into the events that we develop. Positive news coverage engenders goodwill, which provides a buffer should a company encounter bad publicity.

Produce Pentathlon worth its weight In gold

To see one of our events in action – and how it prompted positive eating and exercise habits among children in Lancaster County – click here to read our case study about the Produce Pentathlon.

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