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When you want to tell your story directly to your customers, members, employees, there’s no better way than with a newsletter.

Developing newsletters for 15 years

We’ve been writing, editing, designing and overseeing the printing of newsletters for clients for nearly 15 years.

In that time, we’ve come across more than one client that had tried – and ultimately failed – to produce a newsletter in-house. Among the challenges was an inability to generate engaging content in a timely fashion, consistently.

That challenge evaporates when you engage Goulet Communications. It has a lot to do with our deadline mentality, honed across nearly a decade of daily newspaper reporting.

Connect with employees and customers

We’ll develop a customized, turnkey newsletter that can inform and empower your key audiences and enhance your brand.

We work closely with our clients to develop the content, making their newsletter a wonderful team-building exercise in and of itself. The simple act of determining what goes into each issue helps organizations to better understand their products and services and what separates them from their competitors.

What’s more, your newsletter content can be repurposed, spreading your story in the form of a post to your blog and Facebook page or positive news coverage.

Employee newsletter

Companies that care enough to keep their employees informed have a greater opportunity to retain them and to attract the best job candidates. Employees who know their colleagues care more about them, making for a happier, more productive workplace.

Some employees balk at their photos appearing in a newsletter, but it’s usually a case of protesting too much. The fact is that we all like to be recognized at work, which makes an employee newsletter the perfect forum for doing just that.

An employee newsletter makes it easy to recognize new hires, staff promotions, employee anniversaries, cost-saving ideas, excellence in customer service, or even personal news such as weddings and births.

External newsletter

When you want to connect with your customers, an external newsletter is a terrific vehicle for doing that. You can share stories about your products and services, your people and your customers.

Case study: Drayer Physical Therapy Institute

For more information about the power of a newsletter, read our case study about the employee newsletter we produce for Drayer Physical Therapy Institute, which operates more than 100 outpatient centers throughout the eastern United States.


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