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Drip. Drip. Drip. Don’t worry, there’s not a leak in the roof. It’s just the sound of the “drip method” of media relations.
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We strive to get our clients' stories told in the biggest and best ways possible – and as media relations specialists, we’ve had more than our fair share of successes.

We know the newsroom

We know the sights, sounds and movements of a newsroom because we worked in daily journalism for a decade. We know what makes a good story because we reported and wrote them ourselves. We know what reporters want and have delivered for them time and again.

Of course, not every bit of news is worthy of being on the front page of a newspaper or the lead-in to the 6 o’clock news. But each media hit – each drip – builds on the ones that came before and helps to fill a bucket’s worth of positive news coverage.

Positive news inoculates against bad news

It’s all worth it because you can’t beat the value of positive news coverage, also known as earned media. It carries with it a third-party endorsement – credibility – that no amount of advertising or social media can approach.

And a steady stream of positive media coverage helps to inoculate against bad news. Organizations that build a reservoir of good will are far more likely than those that don’t to receive the benefit of the doubt during tough times.

Media relations at work

What’s more, the stories we secure have a life beyond the newspaper or news program in which they appear; they are great for sharing and can become your most valuable marketing pieces.

Take, Royer’s Flowers for example.  Our media relations specialists organized Bouquets for Books, a community event promoting Royer’s while also benefiting area-children.  There is no better way to spread news than to have reporters saying good things about you.

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