Blowing the whistle on another round of typos

If only this were last call for spelling and grammar mistakes.
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It’s I before E except after C whether you’re in the United States or in Steam Whistle’s homeland, Canada: receive.


Boston Globe website

Five times in major league baseball history, a team has no-hit its opponent and still lost a game. But I don’t know of any ice hockey goalie who can shut out an opponent and still yield a couple of goals.

Yet Braden Holtby of the Washington Capitals (and formerly of the Hershey Bears) performed this feat, according to the Boston Globe website.

And you feel shame, headline writer.


Old Orchard Beach (Maine) Surge baseball team website

The Old Orchard Beach (Maine) Surge baseball club plays in the independent Empire League. You probably won’t find future hall of famers in low-level leagues such as this one, but in this case the official scorer (me) is ruling an error on the use of an apostrophe to form plurals of the days of the week.

Apostrophes should be used to indicate possession (“the Surge’s schedule) or to form a contraction (see next entry).


Store in Harrisburg

There’s actually something called a Monty Hall problem, named for the host of the 1970s game show, “Let’s Make a Deal.”

This is a problem of another sort. Let’s is a contraction of “let us,” hence neglecting an apostrophe is a grammatic deal-breaker.


Store in Toronto

And hand made mistake, forgetting an N in furniture.


Parking lot in Kennebunk, Maine.

Campers take up too much space in a parking lot, but why prohibit pecks on the cheek?

Buss as a noun is a kiss; as a verb, to kiss. Bus with a single S is a mode of transportation, a space-consuming one at that.

As The Replacements said, “Kiss Me On The Bus.”


Palmyra, Lebanon County

When it comes to poor spelling, this is custard’s last stand.

I’ll excuse the missing apostrophe in “don’t,” but the plural of party is parties.

That is, I-E after T, here or in Canada.

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