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Infographics are an important part of the content marketing picture

I already was planning to write about infographics when I happened to watch a video on Netflix called “Inside: Lego.” Lego’s founding family owns 75 percent of the Danish company. To illustrate the ownership structure, the program used an infographic,

A forgotten TV show and the lost art of the letter

A week during which I forgot my laptop at home one day and my phone on another, and left my debit card in a bank ATM, I remembered a TV comedy from 31 years ago. “The News is the News,”

Hershey Co.’s updated look sealed with a Kiss, foiled by social media

From the perspective of “mouth feel,” as they call it in the confectionery business, I prefer Hugs to Kisses. But the Hershey’s Kiss is iconic, whether in its silver wrapper, on a street light in its namesake hometown, or as

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