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Jumping into eBay as a seller

In my middle age, I have become that guy. No, not that guy who shakes his fist at those meddling kids to get off his lawn – they know better than to mess with my lawn. No, I mean that

Chalk it up: an analog alternative to digital’s dominance

Stephanie Perry and her husband, Ammon, own Yellow Bird Cafe in Harrisburg’s Midtown. Long before Steph became an entrepreneurial restaurateur, I knew her as a talented graphic designer. We were colleagues at the late Neiman Group in Harrisburg, and she

PR success requires time, because everyone has stories to tell

In mid-July, I received an inquiry through our website from an executive with a Boston-area advertising company. “I have a client in your area who needs PR help,” she wrote. “I want to turn them over to a good firm