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‘Bad crazyness’ runs through it

When I arrived in Columbia, Mo., in August 1986, a sophomore transfer to the University of Missouri, I was 19. A block down South Fifth Street from the Mark Twain Residence Hall was every under-age student’s favorite bar, T. Baker’s.

Making the case for donuts as the perfect road food

A pit stop beckoned as we passed through Buffalo last June, en route to our family vacation in Toronto. With a fateful swipe of her iPhone, my wife, Sara, steered us to Paula’s Donuts. It was such a delectable experience

Sunset stripped: a case study in bad graphic design

Aaron James Draplin is a national treasure. If I have a graphic design hero, he is it. I discovered him several years ago when Advertising Age, I think, offered a link to a video of Draplin taking viewers through his