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‘Preservation through production’ keeps letterpresses running at Hatch Show Print

Ubiquitous construction cranes betray the undeniable fact that Music City is a modern boomtown, by some estimates adding 80 new residents each day. Yet like any great city, Nashville is special for its rich history. Ryman Auditorium, opened in 1892,

File under fire

I remember as a little kid, that day in the back yard of my maternal grandparents’ house in Auburn, Maine. It was still warm, but thoughts projected toward the cold weather to come. With my maternal grandfather (Pepere, as we

Reconnecting with old friends among my 2016 highlights

One cold night between Christmas and New Year’s a year ago, I donned a wool coat and sat on my screened porch as I reconnected via telephone with one of the first friends I ever had. I remember Wesley Craig