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An appeal to L.L. Bean’s soul

Our annual summer trips to Maine have a comforting sameness to them: reacquainting with family members; eating Sam’s Italian sandwiches and lobster rolls; running along the ocean. Another requisite is our pilgrimage to Freeport, home to outdoor retailer L.L. Bean.

Greetings from Maine!

I was headed to the beach and the Atlantic Ocean on brilliantly sunny Sunday morning. I was walking on Fortunes Rocks Road in Biddeford, Maine, when a bicyclist headed in the same direction turned to me as he passed. “Rough

Reconnecting with old friends among my 2016 highlights

One cold night between Christmas and New Year’s a year ago, I donned a wool coat and sat on my screened porch as I reconnected via telephone with one of the first friends I ever had. I remember Wesley Craig

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