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Signs of the times: a peek inside my autograph collection

“Neil Young is in the bathroom,” my friend and work colleague Peter Krouse announced to me. It was an evening in the mid-1990s, and we were at a table at the Roosevelt Tavern in York. Pete and I were business

‘Sick in the Head’ and my own youthful fascination with comedy

Jerry Seinfeld walked onto the stage at the University of Missouri’s Jesse Auditorium the night of Nov. 11, 1986. The school’s football team was his first punchline, having three days earlier lost 77-0 to the University of Oklahoma. “Are you

How Letterman’s home office ended up in Lebanon, Pa.

Here’s a David Letterman story that involves a Jay other than Leno. It’s about how 25 years ago, Jay Putt and Karl “Skip” Wolf, friends since seventh grade, got Letterman to move his TV show’s fictitious “home office” to their

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