Clean up in aisle 2: more typos in store

It's silly but we believe in correct spelling and punctuation.
A record player
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Making a mess of spelling at Home Depot.

No doubt a broom came in handy at this Home Depot. It’s as if someone spilled a set of letters and in his haste to erect this sign transposed a couple of them, resulting in “asile.”

More saving, better spelling.

You can do it, and Goulet Communications can help. Fixing these other typos is just the beginning.


Ollie’s always offers a bargain: in this case, two P’s for the price of one. Talk about excess inventory!

But don’t discount the power of correct spelling: snow scrapers.



Brooklyn has always been a cool place, from its namesake bridge to “Dem Bums” the Dodgers to the band The National.

But it’s decidedly uncool to try to form a plural with an apostrophe, as I spotted in these store signs.


Too much Heinekin could make a guy see double. Or it could be that this sign writer confused “until” with its informal equivalent, “till.”

Mmm, pizza pie and beer.


It could be that the residents of these Hummelstown addresses have the last name of Tennant. But if the spaces are for the renters at these residences, then tenant-only parking it is.


Why is Santa making all of these children cry? It could be his indelicate manner, his off-putting eyebrows, or his poor spelling and grammar.

Per the Associated Press Stylebook: plural nouns ending in S, add only an apostrophe. Therefore, kids’ photo op.

Second, it’s a “holiday” card.

So much for dissing Macy’s, which everyone knows has the real Santa. Haven’t you ever seen “Miracle on 34th Street”?


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