Holiday holdouts or, Christmas time is still here

It's the second week of March, spring is near, and yet it's not that hard to find holiday decorations.
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Echo Street and Middletown Road, Derry Township

Don’t blame the messenger, but we’re nearly halfway to the 2015 holiday season.

I know it seems like you just took the tree to the curb, put Rudolph back in his box, and turned off the outdoor lights for the final time. But in a little more than six months, the holidays will make a triumphant return to a retailer near you.

That is if the holidays truly ever leave, because they hadn’t as of the week of March 9 when I took the accompanying photos.

Surely, the wickedly cold February had something to do with it. Through Valentine’s Day at my house, we continued to illuminate a tree out back. It provided a little spark to get us through the winter doldrums.

But it really would be nice to focus on spring and summer and take a break from the holiday hubbub. That said, if you’re going to leave Santa up in the warm weather, please put him in a pair of shorts and a Hawaiian shirt.




Above, three photos of three separate houses, proximate to one another, on Devonshire Heights Road near Harrisburg.

Southpoint Drive, Derry Township

Southpoint Drive, Derry Township

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