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Blowing the whistle on another round of typos

It’s I before E except after C whether you’re in the United States or in Steam Whistle’s homeland, Canada: receive. Five times in major league baseball history, a team has no-hit its opponent and still lost a game. But I

The secret rules of engaging with The Tragically Hip

I don’t remember any of the comedy bits from “Saturday Night Live” on March 25, 1995. But I recall Dan Aykroyd introducing that night’s musical guest, fellow Canadians The Tragically Hip. For most Americans watching, it was our first exposure

Postcards from Toronto, then and now

In May, my wife, Sara, was going through boxes of photos that have languished for years in our basement. Among the treasure trove of memories she found a fold-out postcard from Toronto, a color drawing of city hall on the

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