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Mr. Watson, do you mind if I record this phone call?

Telephone calls don’t have to travel far to have powerful, lasting implications. His assistant was only in the next room in March 1876 when Alexander Graham Bell beckoned him, “Mr. Watson, come here, I want to see you.” I was

Giving TLC to a new logo

Terry Lewis approached me in June 2014 about helping with her company’s communication needs. Terry, who years ago taught geography to my stepdaughter at Hershey Middle School, now owned a business called Success Starts Here. What began as her private

Cracking the QR code

Podcasts rose, fell and then rose again, thanks in large part to the popularity of “Serial.” Now, what of the QR code? Quick Response codes date to 1994, when the two-dimensional barcodes were first designed for the auto industry in

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