For baseball’s all-star game, 5 takes on the national pastime

Dead air and life with mayflies, the Curse of the Bambino's end and an old ballpark's new life. And what is the Iron Man doing to young pitchers' elbows?
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The Ballpark at Old Orchard Beach, Maine

We’re not on the fence about baseball. We love it and keep writing about it.

As the title of its new record portends, The Baseball Project‘s new record, “3rd,” has a thing about numbers.

At least the first song does. “Stats” is a reading of numbers set to music: 56, as in Joe DiMaggio’s record hit streak; 511, Cy Young’s all-time record for wins by a pitcher; 4,256, the all-time leading hit total amassed by Pete Rose in his Hall of Fame-worthy career.

Here’s another number: 5. It’s how many times baseball has been the subject of Perfect Circle post. (A baseball — all 216 stitches of it — is arguably the most perfect circle ever created.)

In honor of Major League’s 2014 All-Star Game, we submit those posts on a single lineup card:

“The dead-air era of baseball”

“Changing of the tide: The Ballpark makes a comeback”

“The Babe Ruth century or: How I helped to end the Curse of the Bambino”

“No fooling, Harrisburg Senators should rebrand”

“Cal Ripken Jr. and the selling of youth baseball”


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