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A new baseball season is in the cards

My brother and I — Boston Red Sox diehards both — collected baseball cards when we were kids growing up in Maine in the 1970s. Most of our cards came in small packs from Topps, complete with a piece of cardboard-like

Round Table discussion: What’s in the cigar box?

In the top drawer of my dresser, sharing space with dress socks, is a wooden cigar box that I found years ago in my parents’ attic. Algonquin Hotel Special Edition, it says on the top; Coronas, reads the front, just

True Grit

Decades before Williamsport, Pa., gave birth to Little League Baseball, it gave the world Grit. Founded in 1882, Grit began as the Saturday edition of the Williamsport Daily Sun and Banner. True to its name, Grit has persevered and reinvented