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Blowing the whistle on another round of typos

It’s I before E except after C whether you’re in the United States or in Steam Whistle’s homeland, Canada: receive. Five times in major league baseball history, a team has no-hit its opponent and still lost a game. But I

True Grit

Decades before Williamsport, Pa., gave birth to Little League Baseball, it gave the world Grit. Founded in 1882, Grit began as the Saturday edition of the Williamsport Daily Sun and Banner. True to its name, Grit has persevered and reinvented

Chalk it up: an analog alternative to digital’s dominance

Stephanie Perry and her husband, Ammon, own Yellow Bird Cafe in Harrisburg’s Midtown. Long before Steph became an entrepreneurial restaurateur, I knew her as a talented graphic designer. We were colleagues at the late Neiman Group in Harrisburg, and she