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Happy Halloween from Ghoulet Communications!

Halloween has always been an uneasy holiday for me. I blame neighbor Donald Morin, or really his father, Gil, who one Halloween took cotton balls and molasses and transformed Donald (two years my elder) into a wolf man who inspired

Jumping into eBay as a seller

In my middle age, I have become that guy. No, not that guy who shakes his fist at those meddling kids to get off his lawn – they know better than to mess with my lawn. No, I mean that

Hersheypark Arena’s original Zamboni resurfaces

With a new hockey season upon us, I’m dusting off a piece I wrote in 2011 for my short-lived online hockey magazine, Pennsylvania Puck.  Here’s an aphorism worthy of the farmer’s almanac: old Zambonis don’t die, they just keep resurfacing.

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