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Born in the USA: 8 companies committed to making consumer products in America

I got an Ipad mini this past Christmas. So in January I found myself at Staples, hoping against hope to find a good-looking, well-made case for it. My preference was to find one made in the U.S. of A. Nothing

Breaking out the pointy white boots to celebrate Canada Day

I earned my Canadian cred in my early youth, when I found myself donning a pair of pointy white boots at a maple sugaring somewhere in the province of Quebec. I was mortified, self-awareness stirring within me like sap in a

Belmont blunder: Burger King’s PR stunt whips up memories of horsemeat scandal

“Burger King drops supplier linked to horsemeat” —USA Today, Jan. 24, 2013 “Burger King Paid $200,000 to Have Mascot Stand Next to American Pharoah Trainer Bob Baffert at Belmont Stakes” —Newsweek, June 10, 2015 In case you missed the news,