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‘Lacross’ and other typos to bear

What’s up, Breeches? In our latest collection of typos, we lead with this sign at Yellow Breeches Sports Center, just off the Pennsylvania Turnpike at Interstate 83 near Harrisburg. Lax is the word that comes to mind, at once meaning

How Letterman’s home office ended up in Lebanon, Pa.

Here’s a David Letterman story that involves a Jay other than Leno. It’s about how 25 years ago, Jay Putt and Karl “Skip” Wolf, friends since seventh grade, got Letterman to move his TV show’s fictitious “home office” to their

Media relations should benefit news outlet and source alike

I’m a journalist at heart, having grown up in the newspaper industry: delivering newspapers in my youth, working in a circulation department during college, reporting for dailies in Missouri and York, Pa. Media relations is at the heart of what

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