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Sure, Brian Williams slow jams the news, but will he ever tweet?

CBS21 anchor Robb Hanrahan does it. Megan Healey of abc27 does it. So does Ashley Palutis of Fox 43. Heck, birds and bees probably do it. “It” is following NBC “Nightly News” anchor and managing editor Brian Williams on Twitter.

Hershey’s, Utz and four other Pennsylvania references in ‘Mad Men’

If only Don Draper could limit his excesses to chocolate and potato chips. The AMC series “Mad Men,” which just began its seventh and final season, is set in a fictional advertising agency in the 1960s. New York City is the setting

Rooting for the record store

Record Store Day began in 2007 as a way to celebrate the uniqueness that is the nearly 1,000 independently owned record stores in the United States. It is celebrated on the third Saturday of April, with these Pennsylvania stores participating