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God doesn’t like it when we forget I before E except after C

“Bless me, father, for I have sinned.” When I look at this picture of the Seven Sorrows sign in Middletown, I imagine a parishioner attending confession, contrite for having forgotten this rule: I before E except after C. It’s a venial sin,

This winter wouldn’t stand a snowball’s chance against Blizzard of 1888

Like most everyone else, I have winter fatigue. I’m sick of shoveling, sick of running with Vaseline on my face to protect against the wind and cold, sick of school closings and delays. As Valentine’s Day beckoned, I worried what

AP Stylebook remains a compelling and necessary read

My copy of the latest Associated Press Stylebook arrived this month, the same week that Facebook celebrated its 10th anniversary. The coincidence underscored how staggering has been social media’s growth – from nothingness to ubiquity in a decade’s time – but also

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