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Six tips for writing better news releases

As a newspaper reporter for nearly a decade, I was on the receiving end of hundreds of news releases. I have seen all types of them: the good, the bad, and the do-you-really-think-this-looks-like-anything-that-has-ever-appeared-in-a-newspaper? I like to think that I was

Say cheese, Macaroni Kid

Meet the force behind Macaroni Kid: Publisher Mom. In Lebanon County, it’s Myerstown’s Alison Wenger, who has been producing her Macaroni Kid website since December 2011. Each Publisher Mom is essentially a franchisee of Macaroni Central in Long Island, N.Y., where friends

The dead-air era of baseball

I was driving home from my son’s baseball practice on a recent night when I turned on the radio to hear the Baltimore Orioles broadcast and the play-by-play team of Jim Hunter and Fred Manfra. Hunter was the subject of

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