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Media Mention: Susquehanna Style

For the first time, there was a stand-alone February issue. A men’s issue. “It created an entirely new experience for our readers,” said Keely Childers Heany, who last year became a mother for the first time and Susquehanna Style’s editor

Loss of serve for improper punctuation

Hershey Racquet Club - Writing and Editing

Hershey Racquet Club apparently is offering months of tennis camps but restricting them to just one child. Of course, that’s not the case. But one misplaced apostrophe dramatically alters the club’s business plan. “Kid’s” is singular possessive, meaning one kid.

‘Under way’ under siege

There’s no need to go into CNN’s big scoop about an arrest in the Boston Marathon bombings that proved to be inaccurate; who can compete with “The Daily Show”? I want to draw attention to another CNN misstep two days